15 Charming Ways to Add Reclaimed Wood to Your Kitchen and Make Your Space Gorgeous

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The timeless fashion of wood is due to its beauty and durability. House and furniture designers have always used wood in all its splendid grains and textures to decorate and embellish. Today with the push to recycle, designers hunt for old wood found in bygone barns or textile mills and use it to fashion something old into something new. You will love all the possibilities you see here for what is called reclaimed wood.

15 Charming Ways to Add Reclaimed Wood to Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a wonderful place to introduce the richness that wood brings to a highly used area of the house. Finished wood inside a house often lends a country air. The antique metal fixtures hanging from a wood beam are reminiscent of an old mill. When the entire wall is paneled in rich wooden timber the feel is one of olden days like you see in the log cabin kitchen corner. The kitchen table, of course is the centerpiece for most kitchens.

In this gallery of reclaimed wood you can see a collection of styles for the kitchen table. If you are one for straight lines and little embellishments, the walnut table with built-in shelves might suit you. The sturdy table made with knotted wood planks would be welcome in any country-styled home. The symmetry of the table and floors of harmony in cherry wood grain would work nicely for a colonial-styled kitchen.

Using reclaimed wood for ceilings, walls, floors, and cabinetry can revitalize your kitchen. Wood provides a striking contrast to any paint color. Find wood you can use to decorate and define a place. Use it to create an inset ceiling or a picture wall. Hide your ventilators in handsome wood panels. These ideas are just the beginning of the limitless possibilities of wood.

1. Kitchen Island with Sink and Barn-Style Base

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