15 DIY Outdoor Kitchen Plans That Make It Look Easy

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Many of us dream of having an amazing outdoor kitchen where we can hold family dinners, entertain guests, and have friends over.

However, finding the right contractor to build your dream outdoor kitchen is a very painstaking and laborious process, not to mention that it can be really expensive.

You could try and build it yourself, but big DIY projects like these are very costly in terms of time, effort and money.

Or are they?

The DIY outdoor kitchen plans below are simple to follow and build and all of them can be completed in just a few weeks, days, or even hours!

Here are 15 easy to follow DIY plans to help you build your dream outdoor kitchen today without breaking the bank:

#1 DIY Outdoor Deck Kitchen

This one took around a month to build according to the original DIY-er, but you can’t argue with this astonishing results. This couple would come home from their day jobs and work to upgrade their deck area into this amazing fully functional outdoor kitchen space with a seating space!

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