15 DIY Outdoor Kitchen Plans That Make It Look Easy

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#4 DIY Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertops

What’s great about this one is that the whole project is pretty much weather-proof with the stainless steel parts and concrete countertop. The whole thing takes around 60 hours to complete when the entire countertop is built from scratch. You will need a few strong people to help you carry and set the thing down because that concrete slab is fairly heavy!

#5 DIY Outdoor Kitchenette

This specific plan shows a perfect example of how one can transform a completely vacant space into a dream outside kitchenette. This project took a couple of weeks to complete, but the results are really spectacular. The family of 7 who came up with this plan are now enjoying this special corner where they grill their favorite pizza! The plus side of this is that they also have a bar set up and they have enough storage for all their cookware.

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