15 Helpful Tips to Maximize Kitchen Space

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If you dream about upgrading your kitchen but don’t have the budget, these tips can help make the space work for you.

Do you ever dream of upgrading your small kitchen to a large one that would not only be designed to your taste, but would also feature a lot more cabinets, an excess of counter space and more than enough dedicated pantry shelves? Sounds out of reach and expensive, doesn’t it?

While a new kitchen would be a dream, the reality is maybe you don’t need such a big kitchen after all. If you are organized, a small kitchen can be very efficient and easy to work in! Whether you have a small kitchen or one that is overflowing with necessities or extras, you’ll want to make sure you’re using every square inch to make the most of your existing space!

Set aside time this week for a kitchen makeover that won’t blow your budget! Try these helpful tips and products to maximize storage in your kitchen and make your small space work for you!

1. Make your fridge more efficient by adding a lazy Susan for easier access, and add shelf risers to maximize vertical space.

2. Line up matching bins, glass jars and baskets to organize designated pantry items. Removing packaged foods from their cardboard boxes saves space.

3. Save cupboard space by adding a hanging pot rack or hooks on the walls for frequently used pots.

4. Use easily stackable nesting bowls and measuring cups to best utilize drawer or cupboard areas; items that don’t nest take up excess space.

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