15 Helpful Tips to Maximize Kitchen Space

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5. Hang open shelves in the kitchen or pantry to make the most of your kitchen’s available vertical spaces.

6. Add over-the-door wire racks to doors for cans and extra pantry items.

7. Use risers inside kitchen cabinets to optimize space.

8. Add a rolling freestanding island or kitchen cart with a drop-leaf surface to expand counter space. Attach hooks or a towel rod to the side for additional storage.

9. Utilize the backs of cupboards by adding over-the-cupboard organizers, painting them with chalkboard paint for grocery lists or posting a corkboard to pin recipes. Attach magnetic boards and magnetized spice holders to cabinet doors.

10. Add a wall-mounted magnetic knife holder to free up drawer or counter space.

11. Organize the area below the sink with rolling storage drawers, risers, an over-the-cabinet basket or a lazy Susan for cleaning supplies.

12. Place a crock by the stove to hold your most used kitchen utensils to free up drawer space.

13. Add baskets in the empty spaces above your cabinets to keep items you use less often, like turkey pans and holiday-themed cookie cutters.

14. Get into the habit of having a clean sink at the end of the day. Dishes in the sink make your kitchen feel more cluttered and could attract unwanted pests. Remember that a clean and tidy kitchen will feel like a more spacious kitchen!

15. Lastly, pare down excess items, keeping only what you really need. Remove any small appliances you rarely use (give them away, sell them, or store them). Throw out anything that doesn’t work or that isn’t useful. Keep only your favorite dishes, utensils, kitchen towels, etc.

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