5 Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Countertops

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2. Clear Kitchen Canisters

Keeping canisters on the countertop definitely helps me to keep organized in the kitchen. I have three with the ingredients that I use the most. For me, those ingredients are sugar, flour and pasta. Of course you can use as many canisters as you need. I like to use clear ones because I don’t have to do any guesswork when it comes to knowing what’s inside. Labels are also a great way to know what’s under the lid. These glass canisters perform double duty by not only keeping me organized but making the countertops look good.

3. Tiered Fruit Basket

I love my tiered fruit basket because it provides a place to store my fruits right on the countertop and helps us all make better choices when it comes to snacking. When I go to the grocery store, I make sure to pick up everyone’s favorite fruit. My son Drew would rather eat apples than candy, so I definitely make sure I pick up some ripe red apples. I absolutely love oranges and lemons for flavoring my water. You also can’t deny how lovely a fruit basket looks in the kitchen. It allows you to be organized, add color and may even help you look a little slimmer in your jeans.

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