6 Creative Storage Solutions for a Kitchen With No Upper Cabinets

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Many homes are ditching upper kitchen cabinets to achieve an open concept look. But where do you store dishes and cookware if not in upper cabinets? Here are six alternative storage solutions for your kitchen.

Gone are the days when kitchens were tucked away and hidden from view. Modern floor plans with a focus on an open concept often showcase the kitchen as the showstopping room of the home. Our kitchens have become a place to eat, gather and entertain.

As a result, the kitchen has become more stylish. It is another room where you can display your decorating style and personality. New and trending kitchens have fewer cabinets and more open space. You don’t want your windows,  counter to ceiling tile displays, and custom stove hoods overshadowed by too many cupboard doors. Instead, the kitchen is now a place to display your favorite art or cute mug collection.

So with less and less cabinet storage, where will you keep all those essential kitchen items? Here are six kitchen cabinet alternatives for storing dishes and utensils while keeping form and function in mind.

1. Open shelving

Replacing cabinets with open shelves is an easy and trending alternative for a kitchen with no upper cabinets. Open shelves provide ready access to items used every day. They can be styled to show off your decorating style, and, bonus: it’s a lot easier to put away dishes without opening and closing cabinet doors!

Keep everything you would use daily on the lower shelves, items that are used occasionally on a secondary shelf, and rarely used items or decorations on the highest shelf.

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