6 Creative Storage Solutions for a Kitchen With No Upper Cabinets

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2. Better lower cabinet storage

Without upper cabinets, it’s important to keep the lower cabinets as efficient as possible.  Adding slide out drawers or other storage solutions can maximize space for kitchen items. When planning a new kitchen, replacing cabinets with large drawers can make better use of valuable space.

3. Add an island with storage

There are several similar items on the market in different sizes and styles to fit your kitchen and decor.  And who are we kidding — who doesn’t want more counter space?

4. What about an antique hutch, buffet table, sideboard, or bar cart?

Any of these items would be a lovely addition to a dining space or kitchen nook, really depending on your personal style. Can’t find the perfect hutch? Selena from Middle Sister Design used a dresser for extra kitchen belongings and linens — designed perfectly for farmhouse decor!

Bar carts are also trending and a very fun addition to an entertaining space. They can add a bit of glam to your decor. Use a bar cart as a stylish, convenient place to store fancy glasses and spirits, or for the perfect coffee station. Plus, with wheels, you can take it anywhere.

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