10 Simple Kitchen Hacks That Can Remove & Prevent Lingering Food Smells on Your Hands

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2. Stainless Steel

Got a stainless steel pan or faucet? Rub your hands on it or wash a few pieces of stainless silverware to get rid of nasty smells. Or, you can buy a bar of stainless steel “soap” made specifically for this purpose.

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According to Wikipedia, “scientific evidence of its efficacy appears lacking,” but a lot of home cooks swear by it, and it can’t hurt to try!

3. Coffee Grounds

This is one of my personal favorite, but it could just be because I love coffee. Just rub coffee beans or grounds on your hands until the smell is gone, then wash them with soap and water.

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If you’re not a fan of the smell of coffee, though, you should pass on this trick. You may get rid of the garlic smell, but sometimes washing isn’t enough to take care of coffee, so you’d just be trading one smell you hate for another.
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