15 Kitchen Mistakes That Will Make You Feel Like An Asshole

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Motivating ourselves to cook is tough — we need all the chopping, prepping, and stove practice we can get. Yet, there are a lot of easy-to-make mistakes that frequently trip us up when we set out to make ourselves a meal.

Once you set some of these universal cooking wrongs right, you’ll be an amateur chef in no time. Ahead, we rounded up 15 common cooking mistakes and tips for setting them straight so you won’t find yourself wasting time or energy in the kitchen.

1. You Use Dry & Wet Measuring Cups Interchangeably

Don’t do it, they’re not the same! Use measuring cups (pictured) for dry ingredients and the glass or plastic pourable measuring pitchers for wet ingredients. Wet measuring cups go by fluid ounces, while dry ingredient cups are are meant to be leveled off. (You can do this with a butter knife or even your finger, which is impossible to do with one of the wet measure pitchers.)

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